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    Prime Finance Pty Ltd

    Funding for our loans is provided from a pool of funds invested by the managing director and associates.

    Prime’s acting solicitors are WH Parsons & Associates who provide back office support, mortgage documentation and loan settlements along with any recovery and litigation requirements.

    Despite a tough lending market and the dramatic collapse of many non-bank lenders in Australia, Prime is still funding short term loans up to $1.5 million and remains one of the very few private lenders still lending in Australia.

    Prime Finance has prospered through some of the hardest times for financial institutions in recent history. Although the GFC has resulted in a significant downturn in the Australian credit market, Prime continues to offer innovative finance solutions to businesses and individuals around Australia.

    We are developing new loan products and funding as part of our drive to offer innovative financing to individuals and businesses Australia-wide.

    Merrick Malouf

    Merrick Malouf
    [email protected]

    Managing Director

    Merrick Malouf is the principal and founder of Prime Finance, a specialised short term lender.

    Merrick has more than twenty five years experience in property and finance, particularly in development projects. This led to his understanding of the growing need for an ethical and progressive commercial lender. This fundamental understanding of the property cycle and access to investment funds led to the development of a compelling strategic plan to create a specialised short term lender to meet this need.

    Despite the growth of the business and the increased demand of administrative responsibilities, Merrick continues to maintain personal daily contact with brokers, valuers and customers.

    Brooke Kelleher

    Brooke Kelleher
    [email protected]

    National Credit Manager

    Brooke Kelleher is the National Credit Manager of Prime Finance.

    Brooke has been in financial services for over 6 years, encompassing a broad range of services including broking, investment funds, consumer finance and accountancy.

    Her previous background was as an executive assistant dealing with everyday administration

    Brooke’s experience strengthens Prime’s due diligence and compliance systems and is a key member of Prime’s management team.