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By May 2, 2016Finance
securing short term business loan

Our Prime Finance team has been involved with business lending for over 12 years. We specialise in securing short term business loans for companies facing unexpected, short term financial difficulty or who are unable to take the next step to expand their business due to a short term cash flow issue.

We require minimal documentation from you or your guarantor and loans are secured by a range of assets such as:

·         Residential and commercial properties

·         Industrial properties

Prime Finance is one of the few caveat / 2nd mortgage lenders in Australia that will lend up to 80% of property value. Prime Finance caveat/2nd mortgage loans and bridging finance:

1.   Quick & easy process, no waiting

2.   Lend to 80% of property value

3.   No credit checks

4.   No hidden costs

5.   Direct-deal with the lender

6.   Fixed rates & clear terms

Prime also does a 60 day residential loan for personal use which is good for bridging loans.

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