Prime Finance has over $20 Million in funding a month for the provision of Short Term loans

By March 18, 2017Finance
Loan Provider Services in Australia

Dealing with the big banks is an ordeal everybody has been through. They’re there for you when the skies are clear, but when you need their support most you’ll often find yourself halfway up a creek without a paddle.

Unfortunately you’ll often find the big banks overly encumber even the simplest of loans, leaving you out to dry. Their lending criteria are rigid and hard to match, especially for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Prime finance loans are accessible, flexible and fast. Borrow against your property assets and receive a loan offer within 24 hours. Easy!


  • Loan Terms 1-12 months
  • Commercial, Industrial and Residential Property security acceptable
  • Specialised Real Estate security acceptable
  • 60 day residential loans/investment loans
  • Bad Credit
  • Defaults and Judgements
  • Loan Amounts from 20k to 1.5 million
  • Caveat/2nd mortgage lending up to 1.5 million
  • Commercial Borrowers
  • Turn Around Time from 2-7 days from application to settlement
  • Interest can be capitalised for the term of the loan
  • Insolvency and Turnaround facilities are our specialty

Please give me a call 1300 130 538 or email [email protected] to discuss any deals.

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