Prime Finance market-leader short term caveat finance, delivered quickly

Short Term Loans

Prime Finance market-leader short term caveat finance, delivered quickly. As one of leading short term and private mortgage lenders in Australia, Prime Finance offers caveat loans that are a great short term finance option for SMEs that: Requires working capital.

Prime Finance business loan product guides

1. Loans up to 1.5 million dollars

2. LVR up to 80% of as is value (terms and conditions apply)

3. Business loan rate is 1% per month

4. Loan term is 1 month to 3 years

Acceptable business loan securities

•          Residential properties in metropolitan areas

•          Rural / Residential properties (Population over 50,000)

•          Commercial properties

•          Industrial properties

•          Vacant Land (in metropolitan areas only, LVR up to 80%)

•          Development sites (subject to terms and conditions)

Flat interest rate 12% PA. The best rate in Australia for 2nd mortgages/caveats.

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