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By September 5, 2018Finance


Prime Finance’s Monthly Scenario
Short Term Loans

Small businesses make hundreds of decisions each and every week. Most don’t make the biggest difference though others are critical and need time and resources to mull over determining a strategic direction or looking at the ways to finance business growth.

Now that the major first and second tier banks have tightened their lending criteria, private lending institutions such as Prime Finance are coming to the party in financing these bank type loans.

Prime Finance is becoming more acceptable in the marketplace for loan transactions referred by brokers with a letter of approval within an hour from application. Prime Finance offers –

Commercial loans

• Residential loans

• Development loans

Bridging loans

• 1st / 2nd mortgages

Caveat loans

So if you have a loan proposal for us to consider, or you simply want to discuss our lending parameters, please contact us today and speak directly with one of our friendly staff.

email: [email protected] or call: 1300 130 538
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