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    Loan Amount (AUD)

    Private Short Term Loans

    The term ‘short term loan’ describes a sector of financing that includes bank-to-bank loans, asset loans, business loans, pay-day loans and bridging loans. The one common factor is a term of 12 months or less.

    Loan Products

    Product Guides:

    • Loans up to $1,500,000.00

    • LVR up to 80% of the “as is” value (terms and conditions apply)

    • Rates from 1% per month up to 2% per month

    • Loan Terms between 1 month to 2 years

    Acceptable Securities:

    • Residential properties in metropolitan areas
    • Rural / Residential properties (population over 50,000)
    • Commercial properties
    • Industrial properties
    • Vacant Land (in metropolitan areas only, LVR up to 75%)
    • Development sites (subject to terms and conditions)

    Acceptable Loan Purposes:

    • Working capital

    • Bridging finance

    • Payment of business debts

    • Taxation payments for businesses

    • Purchase of investment property

    • Purchase of shares

    • Personal use of funds

    NB Prime will require all borrowers to provide in writing the purpose of the loan funds.


    Conditional approval can be granted within 1 hour.

    Formal approval will be granted when all prerequisites above have been satisfied and Prime’s Application Form and Declaration Forms are completed in full and correctly. Original Forms and all other corresponding documents must be returned to Prime prior to issuing mortgage documents.

    Exit Strategy:

    Prime will require all borrowers to provide in writing details of their proposed exit strategy for the repayment of our loan.