Prime Finance’s Weekly Scenario

By January 22, 2018Second Mortgage


Prime Finance’s Weekly Scenario
Short Term Loans


Prime Finance was approached by a broker who had a client that needed short term funding for 12 months to pay off debt. The client’s arrears on his 1st mortgage was over $50,000, a tax debt of $150,000 and a further $25,000 in business debt.
Prime Finance did this as a 2nd and settled on a caveat within 7 business days. The LVR was around 75%.
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personal, domestic or household purposes
Caveat Loans are fast settling loans which are structured just for a short term of 1 to 24 months. Unlike normal forms of finance, these loans need to be able to settle quickly…. generally within 72 hours from the time the application is first lodged.
Prime Finance's Weekly Scenario
Prime Finance is a professional lending company designed to help people quickly sort out their short term business/residential problems, caveat loans, 1st & 2nd mortgages. We also specialise in short term commercial loans, 1 to 24 months, up to 80% LVR with 3 day settlement.
Prime Finance’s Weekly Scenario
This is a loan for personal, domestic or household purposes, or to purchase, renovate or improve residential property for investment purposes, bridging finance or to refinance credit previously provided for this purpose. Low cost short term credit (less than 62 days)


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