Short term loans are also known as “Caveat Loans” or “Equitable Mortgages” 

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A caveat loan is a short-term loan secured by an unregistered mortgage and only noted on title through a caveat to warn that the lender is claiming an equitable interest in the lend.

Typically our loans are used for a large variety of situations. These include:
Working capital for your business.
Funding a shortfall in a property settlement.
Paying business bills and expenses.
Refinancing an investment loan.
Paying builders or contractors.
Purchasing investment properties.
The list goes on.

All our loans are all secured against property by way of caveat or a registered first/2nd mortgage. We accept residential, commercial, retail, industrial, vacant land and development sites as security.

Terms usually are between 1-6 months and will carry a maximum of 12 months. Rates start at 1% per calendar month up to 2 % per month depending on loan type. Settlements in 36-72 hours.

We lend up to 80% LVR on fair market standard residential valuations (not forced sale like most lenders)
Loans for any business or investment/residential purpose.

You’re dealing direct with the lender which ensures speedy decisions and wholesale interest rates with no hidden fees or charges.

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