What sets Prime Finance apart from the competition?

By January 19, 2016Finance
We are apart from the competition

What sets Prime Finance apart from the competition is the quality of service provided – Prime’s knowledge, expertise and wisdom in the short term loan market, unique ability to see the bigger picture, solve problems and provide real world solutions. Prime Finance has the cheapest rate in Australia for
2nd mortgage/caveats – 1% per month. “How can this be?”. Because funds come off our own balance sheet.

All applications and credit assessment is done in-house.

Business/residential loans are secured by way of real estate assets up to 80% LVR.

We cater for businesses needing to set up core debt or long term working capital, cash flow financing, emergency funds, paying off tax debts or for business growth.

Prime Finance also has a 60 day bridging loan for residential purpose.

Prime Finance, straight-forward solutions to everyday issues.

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